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YouTube Workouts

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

One of my many tricks to getting toned fast? YouTube!

Here's a list of my favorite workouts that when done on a regular basis are sure to get you seeing results in no time.

If my only workout for the day is going to be through YouTube videos I try to do at least 45 minutes total.

I typically choose 2 videos from the Cardio category, 1 from the Abs category, 1 from the Arms category, and 1 from the Legs/Butt category

** Indicates my favorite videos :)


1.** Fitness Blenders 15 Minute Cardio and Total Body Toning Boot Camp Workout

2. XHIT Best Exercises for Burning Calories

3.** XHIT 10 Minute High Intensity Workout

4. Tae Bo 8 Minute Workout Burn & Blast with Billy Blanks

5. 10 Minute Tae Bo Cardio Party with Shellie Blanks

6. XHIT 8-Minute Boot Camp Workout


1. 10 Minute Cardio Dance Abs Workout

2. **10 Min Booty Shaking Waist Workout

3. XHIT 10 Minute Ab Workout: How to Get a Six Pack


1. **XHIT Total Arm Workout

2. XHIT How to Lose Arm Fat

Legs & Butt

1. **XHIT How to Get Legs Like a Victoria's Secret Model

2. XHIT Legs Workout

3. XHIT How to Get Slim Calves

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