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Fitness and Health Tips

Try these tips to help guide you through your fitness journey:

1. Get moving during your lunch break

-Get an hour long lunch break? Use 30 minutes of it to get your body moving. Go for a walk, run, hit the gym, or bring your yoga mat to a nearby area. Get a 30 minute lunch break? Use 10-15 minutes of it to get moving.

2. Meal prep

-Cook + pack your lunch the night before. Not only does this help you in maintaining a clean diet, but it also saves you money.

3. Learn what it really means to eat clean

-No more packaged foods, no added sugar, no soda, less alcohol.

4. Healthy alternatives

-Craving sweets? Try making a smoothie bowl by blending any mixture of frozen fruits, avocado, seeds, spices (turmeric, cinnamon) protein powder, coconut milk, etc.

5. Serving size

-Try using a smaller size plate or making less in the first place so you aren't tempted to go for seconds. Another option is to add a salad with a homemade vinaigrette, and/or some vegetables to your plate.

6. Nice weather bike, walk, jog challenge

-Going somewhere 5 miles or less from home? Bike!

-Going somewhere less than 2 miles from home? Jog, walk, or bike.

7. Liquor choices

-Yes, I love beer, BUT it has it's downsides. Rather than filling up on high calorie, bloating beer, try sticking to lighter drinks like a gin & tonic, or glass of red vino (wine).

8. Get on a routine

-This is so important and the biggest reason for my success. Get on a routine and stick to it. I personally am sure to get outside for my morning run by 7:00 a.m. at the latest each weekday. I usually run for about an hour and then do 30 minutes of weight training & stretching. When time allows, I end with a quick swim in the pool.

9. Switch up your workout

-My workout previously consisted of just running 6 miles per day. Although this may sound like a good workout, it didn't lead to the results I wanted. Once I started adding in some weight training, I began to see and feel results almost immediately.

10. Sleep

-Plan ahead of time so you ensure you'll be getting at least 7 hours of sleep. Need to wakeup at 6am? Try to be in bed by 10pm (this way you'll likely be asleep by or before 11pm).

11. Mix cardio with weight training

-Get sculpted!

12. HIIT

-High intensity interval training always leaves me feeling like I pushed myself to the max.

13. Set goals every morning

-Wake up, right down 3-5 fitness/health related goals for the day, accomplish those goals.

14. Eat before drinking liquor (college girls, wink, wink)

-Having a night on the town? Make sure you eat a good meal and drink plenty of water before you start consuming alcohol! This should be common sense but we all know we've drank on an empty stomach then felt shitty as ever the next day. Eating before you start consuming alcohol greatly helps in assuring that you don't get too drunk during the night, and that you aren't a mess / wet blanket the following day.


-Water is your friend.

-Coconut water is also your friend (I'm too obsessed with coconut water, pretty sure it's 25% of my monthly grocery bill).

-If you're working out in the heat ALWAYS bring water with you or stop at drinking fountains often.

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