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Rebel is a painter, dancer, and fine art model originally from the Land of 10,000 Lakes. She made Austin her home in 2018. Ever since she was a child she had a deep interest in art, but it wasn’t until a high school art class that she started painting - she hasn’t stopped since.
She is currently working on combining her love of painting, dancing, and fine art modeling into one.

Artist Statement

My artistic style and the subjects I paint have significantly changed over the past few years. When I started to heavily focus on painting in 2018, I was painting to sell, painting with others in mind - What will the people like, what will capture the most attention? My paintings primarily featured bright colors, deep outlines, acrylic paint, and large canvases.
That has since morphed to painting from a place within - My own memories, thoughts, visions, and beautiful scenes I can’t help but to stop and photograph.
My brush strokes now happen on their own, a lot more textures have been added to my work, and new mediums used.

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